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can't believe it happened

by Guest on Apr 3, 2017 Gay Sexstories 3287 Views

Let me start by saying I'm a married male with two kids.

I had been having thoughts run through my head that included 
fucking and sucking with another guy. I've often gotten 
very hard and have masturbated while thinking I'm 
sucking another guys cock.

I travel quite a bit and this last time I was in San Francisco.

I was staying at a very nice hotel. After flying all day, 
when I went to check in. The clerk was a very handsome younger 
guy. He was about 6 foot lean and was black but more of a chocolate 
color. He genuinely made we feel welcome. I went up to the 
room, showered and decided to go to the bar to help unwind.

I was there about 30 minutes when a young man went to sit next 
to me. I looked over and it was the clerk from the front desk.

He had change clothes and looked over and said that his shift 
was over. We sat there chit chatting for awhile and seemed 
to be getting along very well. I decided to go for broke and 
asked him if he would like to come to the room for a night cap 
from the mini bar. He looked me straight in the eyes and said 
yes. That was a sign that things were going to get very interesting.

I didn't think the elevator was ever going to get to 
my floor. When we got to the room there was a little sense 
of awkwardness. I offered to make a couple of drinks which 
helped ease everything. Then it started. I didn't 
have to say anything to him. I looked him directly in the 
eyes, he came over to where I was sitting. I was seated on 
the bed, slowly I undid his belt and lowered his pant. He 
had on briefs and I could see his very rigid cock in the outline.

I'm a little over 7 inches and thick. I could tell form 
the outline he was a little bigger than me but not much. Slowly, 
I slid down his underwear to reveal a very smooth cock. Evidently 
he shaves his pubic area. I held it in my hand and stared at 
it and slowly stroked it. Timidly, I licked the head over 
and then licked the base. Being more bold I stuck it in my 
mouth and slowly he started to fuck my face. I was grabbing 
his ass trying to get more in and he became more aggressive 
with his thrusts. I was in heaven. With one free hand I massaged 
his very large sac, he just kept pumping away moaning with 
each thrust. After a few minutes I keep feel his pace quicken, 
I knew that he was getting close. I hadn't thought of 
this part. I wasn't sure that I wanted to swallow but 
it looked like there was no turning back now! He said it - 
I'm cumming!!. I pulled him in farther and he starting 
shooting load after load down my throat. It was hot but tasted 
very good. I couldn't believe it but I was keeping pace 
and swallowing spurt after spurt. Finally it stopped and 
he pulled out. I stood up, and started to undress. He stopped 
me and did it himself. I couldn't believe how hard my 
cock was!! He returned the favor. Mine was definitely not 
the first he has sucked. He knew was he was doing. While deepthroating 
my cock he inserted a finger into my anus, now I've done 
this while masturbating but it didn't feel anything 
like it did now. When he went for the second finger I blew 
my load.

After cleaning up a bit and having another drink, we layed 
on the bed and playing with each other's cock, when 
we were hard again, we moved into a 69 position, me on bottom.

Before going to far he rolled off me and wanted to get on all 
fours. I knew what was coming. He used some spit to lube up 
my asshole. Next I felt his head pusing at my backdoor. I 
relaxed as much as I could and I felt the head get through.

There was a mix of pleasure and pain. Slowly but surely, 
he inched it all the way in. Once he was balls deep I couldn't 
believe the feeling. He started slowly but picked up the 
pace. Soon he was pounding me like there was no tomorrow.

He felt his balls smacking me with every thrust. The pain 
and pleasure was like nothing I've ever had before.

After pounding for what seems forever he tensed up and sprayed 
his spunk deep in my bowels. When he was done he removed his 
limp cock from my ass with a pop. I could feel his cum leaking 
down my leg. He looked at my very hard cock and layed on his 
back and pulled his legs to his ears. I slowly entered him 
and pounded him with everything I had. He wanted my to cum 
on his face. As I got very near to cumming I pulled out and 
straddled his chest. I sucked me till I came and shot load 
after load on his face. We then took a hot shower cleaned 
each other blew each other again.

Before he left he told me he gets off at 5 the next. We met in 
the bar again, this time we went to eat before retiring to 
my room…

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