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First time gay

by Tim on Mar 6, 2017 Gay Sexstories 4722 Views

We were 14, and it was the end of our 8th grade year. The class 
had an end-of-junior-high pool party at a private club. 
Edgar had moved into our town earlier that year. He was a 
bit scrawny, but his parents were rich, and he was pretty 
cool. He had long, dark hair and spoke with a bit of a northeastern 

I hadn't paid that much attention to him, but on this 
day, he showed up wearing a bikini Speedo swim suit. No one 
in our Midwestern town wore such revealing suits. I was 
drawn to it because I envied anyone who could be so open. 
I was on the shy side.

Edgar's penis was a little on the small side, but through 
the bikini, there was little left to the imagination. He 
was obviously circumsized. His penis stuck straight out 
at a 45 degree angle. You could even make out the piss slit.

I wasn't one of the cool kids, so I was surprised when 
Edgar spoke to me in the locker room. I was shocked by what 
he asked me.

He must have seen that I was interested in his bikini, so 
he came right out and asked me if I wanted to try it on. Of course, 
I'd like to try it on. He slipped the bikini off, and 
his little, clipped cock bobbed up and down. He had barely 
started puberty with a few wisps of dark hair around the 
shaft. He handed me the silky suit.

"I don't know, " I said. "I don't 
want to stretch it out." I was quite a bit bigger than 
Edgar. He took the suit back and tugged on it to show me how 
much it would stretch.

So, I slipped off my swim suit and jock strap. "Gahh-dang, " 
Edgar said when he saw me. My dick is only average as an adult, 
but it was as big at 14 as it is now, and on my 5-foot, 3-inch 
frame, 115 pounds sopping wet, my hairy, uncut dick swinging 
between my legs must have looked huge to him.

He immediately took an interest in my foreskin and began 
asking me a lot of questions about it. As far as I know, I was 
the only boy in my class who had one. Maybe the only boy in 
the school.

Naturally, Edgar wanted to touch my foreskin and see it 
slide up over the head. I looked cautiously at the door and 
then gave him the go ahead.

He slowly pumped my cock until it was hard as a rock and pointing 
straight out. I noticed that Edgar's cock was also 
hard. It had leaped to about 5 inches in length and pointed 
up, about a 30 degree angle away from his stomach. I reached 
over and flicked the head of it.

"How do you jerk off without a foreskin?" I asked.

"Just wet it, " he said. He demonstrated. Soon, 
I had a spit-covered hand sliding up and down his rigid rod. 
At the same time, he was learning how to pump my foreskin. 
With his free hand, he was rubbing his speedo against his 

His cock tightened up, and he shot two or three thin streams 
of cum against my hand and arm. I continued to stroke him.

Just then, we heard steps at the door, and we ducked into 
separate toilet stalls. We tried to wait until the person 
left, but then more people came in.

I ended up jerking off into the toilet and putting my suit 
back on.

I had hoped for a repeat performance later in the summer, 
but Edgar's dad changed jobs, and he moved again.

Somewhere out there is a 40-year-old guy with as much of 
a Speedo fetish as I've got.

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