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My afternoon delight with Jim

by SexStoriesClub on Jan 14, 2017 Gay Sexstories 6509 Views

I met Jim through a datingsite and had discussed with him on many occasions about getting together for some one on one sex. He is a good looking guy, 38 years old, with a nice body and 8 inch cock with a slight inward curve that glistened in the pictures hed sent to me.

I arrived at his home near the coast just after lunch. He answered the door wearing a t-shirt and designer boxer shorts. I could tell he was excited from the bulge visible through his pants. Shaking his hand and greeting him for the first time, a bit shaky inside myself, I entered his home as my cock started rising to the occasion. Without hesitation I dropped to my knees, opened the slot in his boxers and reached for his hardening cock. I said, I remember you told me that you didnt want small talk. So Im going to accommodate your wish and satisfy you right here and now. Without a single word from him I easily pulled his almost fully erect cock from his boxers, looked at it momentarily while stroking him even harder. It was really huge sitting in front of my face. 8 inches seemed a bit short of his actual size, but that didnt matter as all I wanted was to taste him and have some fun.

First I stroked him several times as I leaned forward to lick the pre-cum from the tip of his cock and licked him from his balls to the tip of his cock. The curve in his cock was intriguing and glistened with my saliva all over it as I stroked it several times. It tasted so sweet and it kept weeping pre-cum. I then took the full head of his cock into my mouth for the first time savoring each lick and suck. I leaned even further forward taking him deep in my mouth sucking him and going down on him as far as I could. He was bigger than I had expected and longer than I could fully engulf. So I bobbed up and down on his pole as far as I could while massaging his balls in one of my hands. My cock ached to be released and sucked, but I continued to service Jims cock without hesitation. Jim held my head now holding my hair in his hands pumping my face and forcing his cock deeper inside my mouth the closer he got to his climax. After what seemed only a few minutes he let out a huge sigh as he release his cum into my mouth and pounded my face with his ejaculating cock letting every shot off deep inside my face while I swallowed every shot of him cum I could take.

He relaxed, let his cock out of my mouth and pulled me up. Saying thanks, he guided me to his bedroom where he sat me on the side of this bed and disrobed me, piece by piece. When he pulled my pants down and my aching cock sprung to attention as he leaned forward and relieved my tensions with several strokes, then a kiss and lick on the tip of my cock. I thought Id cum on the spot I was so hot, but held off so that I could savor more of this attention. Jim did as I had and took my cock into his mouth bobbing up and down, taking my 7 inch cock deep inside of his mouth until he bottomed out, then retracted and repeated his assault on my cock over and over again. I felt like exploding I was so hot and horny. I thought he was going to stop, but Jim relentlessly sucked on my cock and stroked me until I came so hard all I could do was lay back and let my cock orgasm and pump Jims face with all my cum.

Then, without warning, he surprised the hell out of me! He got up from the floor, lay on top of me leaning closer and closer to my face and then kissed me sharing my cum with me. At first I didnt know what to think or do, but I had no time to argue or complain since his lips where already sucking mine and his tongue darted my cum inside my mouth. I decided to just enjoy this new experience and let him continue to French kiss me with my own cum for several minutes. He massaged my chest with his hands while rubbing his cock against mine while kissing me. I could feel he was getting harder by the minute, though my cock was still in retreat mode.

In no time his cock has hard as a rock again as Jim turned me over on my stomach and went down on my ass. I could feel him spread my cheeks and begin licking my bum. His tongue then started probing me as he pulled my ass cheeks ever further apart, entering me even deeper with his tongue. Jim was really good at what he was doing and I lay there relaxing enjoying his advances. I felt my own cock starting to respond to his tongue getting harder by the moment. I watched as Jim leaned back and slipped a condom over his cock. He then rubbed oil on himself and my ass, leaned forward and began sinking his cock in my virgin ass. It really hurt for a minute or two while he would ease his cock in just a bit, then take it away giving me some relief, trying to let me get used to his cock in my ass. He repeated this many times adding oil many times as well until I felt a slight pop in my bum as his cock slipped in a couple of inches. Oh, that hurt.

He stopped and gave me a minute to adjust while he rubbed my back and ass with his hands. When he say me relax again, he began his slow assault on my ass by holding me down pumping his cock deeper inside of me with each thrust. It took several minutes and many slow easy thrusts until I could finally enjoy his cock so deep inside me. Jim finally bottomed out inside me and I felt so full all I could do was lay there and let him have his way with me. He began a rhythm that quickened as he neared his climax. He pounded me fairly gently, but quicker and quicker with each thrust until he leaned on me really hard, squeezing the cheeks of my ass and released his load deep inside my ass, filling me with his hot cum. He then lay on my back, his cock eventually retracted and fell out of my cum-dripping ass when I finally felt free of his raging cock and relaxed my bum. I turned Jim over, took the condom from his cock and threw it away, coming back to lick and suck his cum from his now soft cock.

Jim and I would go on to have several more encounters which I will tell you about another day. Jim is not his real name, he really is a guy who lives near me, and as this really happened just yesterday. I still get hard thinking about our sex and look forward to meeting with him again very soon. Maybe next time Ill invite another friend of mine along to make things even more exciting.

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