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Party Favors

by michael on May 15, 2017 Gay Sexstories 2203 Views

I met him at a friend's party celebrating a big promotion.

I don't think we talked for much more than 20 minutes 
or so before he invited me to sneak off to another room. We 
snuck into the downstairs bathroom and locked the door 
behind us. Our mouths locked together and our hands feverishly 
undid each others pants. His cock nearly sprang from his 
jeans, unhindered by underwear at the same time that I felt 
his strong grip on my own shaft. We slid further out of our 
pants in order for us to better admire the sight of each others' 
firm manflesh, and soon we squirmed around in order to watch 
in the mirror as we masturbated each other. It took only 
a few minutes of this raw excitement before I felt his climax 
rising, and we watched enthralled as his creamy manjuice 
erupted from him in several powerful spurts. I couldn't 
resist and bent down and captured the last of his orgasm 
on my tongue and sucked the last few drops from him, then 
brought my mouth to his, eager to share the treasure.

tongue intertwined with mine around the sticky fluid, 
and then I was cummming! My sudden moans and the pulse of 
pressure in his hand made us both look down in order to enjoy 
the sight of my own orgasm, and then his mouth was wrapped 
around my shaft, his tongue licking the cum that was running 
down my cock and balls. We shared the creamy treasure, and 
then fell apart smiling at each other. We were all set to 
sneak out the back door when another couple, who had seen 
us sneak off, grabbed us as we came out of the bathroom, and 
pulled us off to the downstairs bedroom. A few minutes later 
we were all naked and writhing on an oversized bed. My new 
lover rolled me on to my back and swung around to 69 me. He 
plunged his hard cock deep into my mouth and began to fuck 
me. I reached up and slid my fingers into his lovely fuckhole. 
One of the other men knelt above me and lubed up his hard shaft.

As I admired his hardness, he guided it to my lovers' 
opening and gently penetrated him. I felt a surge of strength 
in my mouth as my lover responded to the gentle strenght 
of a long, thick cock plunging deep into his loving manhole.

I hugrily sucked while I jealously watched that lovely 
piece of manhood piston in and out of my lovers' hole, 
my own hole aching to be fucked in aa similar fashion. I lost 
track of time, but somewhere along the way I realized that 
the man fucking my partner was thrusting deeply and shooting 
his cream into my partners ass, the two of them moaning in 
unison. when he pulled out, a copious gob of his nectar escaped 
from my lovers' opening and dribbled down his balls 
to my waiting mouth. As I hungrily licked at the escaping 
manjuice, the other partygoer positioned himself and 
pushed his raging cock into the warm, pink opening. As they 
fucked, my lovers thrusts into my mouth increased in tempo, 
his cock growing harder with each thrust, and then he was 
cumming, again powerfully, into my mouth, just as he was 
taking another load of cream into his asshole. My partners' 
own mouth was working it's magic on me, and just as his 
fucker pulled out and thrust his cum smeared shaft into 
my mouth, I exploded for the second time into my new lovers' 
mouth. As I thrusted my hips I was sucking cum from one cock 
and licking the remnants of man-fuck from my partners scrotum, 
thrilling at the total, slutty sexuality of the moment.

I was exhausted, but still unsatisfied as I playfully smeared 
cum with my tongue and lips all over my partners balls and 
scrotum. I was still eager to fuck, to feel the power of manhood 
plunging into my waiting asshole. I pushed my partner off 
of me and spread my legs wide, offering them my own hole.

That was when I realized several other men had entered the 
room, and I were obviously enthused by what they had seen.

For the next hour, I had a cock in my mouth and a cock in my ass.

I was constanty moaning in pleasure as each cock exploded 
in my hole or on my tongue. Finally, I was again alone with 
my new lover, My face and chest were coated with mancream, 
a warm trickle oozing out of my ass. He was lying next to me, 
smiling, his fingers playing with the warm liquid on my 
cheeks. His lips found mine, and then my legs were around 
him, his wonderful manhood probing at my opening then thrusting 
deeply into me. I was sore, but that didn't matter, 
it was the most intensely sexual experience I had ever had, 
fucking and sucking at least a dozen men to climax, and then 
enjoying the attention of this one man, both of us turned 
on by the raw intimacy of the moment. We fucked like lovers, 
our bodies thrusting in unison, our tongues sharing the 
abundance of cum that was smeared on my face, and climaxed 
together, out third of the night. We slept together, and 
he fucked me one more time in the morning. I remained in bed 
while he showered and left, and as I expected, our host joined 
me in bed not much later, and he too partook the pleasure 
of my cum-lubed anus. I masturbated to climax in the shower, 
with the help of a nice pink dildo, and found my way home for 
much more sleep. My new lover says he wants to go to more parties 
with me. I'm sure we will.

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