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How to tease and please women..

kissing teasing

Posted on Feb 17, 2017 by Bibian

This is just a short article on teasing ladies to an all time high. First of all a lot of guys want to go straight to the privat 
parts of a lady. WRONG. You have to build it up. So start kissing 
your lady behind her ears, go slowly to the front of her neck, 
go up over her chin to reach her mouth. Give her all gentle 
almost not touching kisses all the way through. Do not give 
a french kiss, wait for her to make that move. Go slowly back 
to her ear and nibble her ear. If she wears...

How to talk to your woman about swinging..

group swingers swinging

Posted on Jan 23, 2017 by Bibian

For all those guys out there who want to be part of the lifestyle, 
but dont know how they'll get the wife/girlfriend to agree, 
this is for you  
My first swinging experience was a total disaster. It seemed 
like everyone else involved (my ex-boyfriend and the other 
couple) was all about doing it, and I was the only one with 
reservations. I let myself get pressured into it anyway, 
and it went about as badly as it could. The other man couldnt 
get hard, so I ended up watching my ex...

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