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A 4-way fantasy cum true

by Guest on Jan 2, 2017 Bisexual Sexstories 4969 Views

If you like Bi stories, this is one for you! Like a lot of guys, I was getting complacent in my relationship with my fianc and so I began to surf the net. I found Adult FriendFinder and joined to check it out. I decided to join both me and my fianc just to see if anything interesting would pop up. I was hoping I could get my fiance Pam interested in a 3some or 4some with me, like I had done with my first wife years ago. After only a day we started getting a lot of email from several guys and a few couples. My fiance is a very beautiful blonde standing at 5 3 and only 112 lbs carrying a very beautiful set of 36-C cup tits with perky small nipples that harden at the slightest hint of chill. As you can suspect many of the guys were rude and indicated their prowess and desire to play my wifeno news there. A few responses from the couples were very interesting especially this one I really liked. The first part of their profile indicated they were both bi-curious, which got me excited just thinking about that possibility. I also hoped it would interest Pam. That night when Pam came over for dinner I decided it was time to break the news to her about our web posting.

Reluctantly she started to ask me questions about why I did this and what was it all about. So I took her over to my computer, logged in to Adult FriendFinder. First she read our profile and didnt have too much to say since most of what I said was true.

Then we started scanning our email viewing the pictures posted on the profiles. To my surprise, after viewing a few of the men and couples she seemed to be at least a little excited since she must have downed the first martini in record time as she asked for another. While I was getting her another drink she continued to read the various email and reviewed their profiles.

As I handed the drink to her she started to ask me about this one couplethe same couple I had been interested in earlier. I thought they were a very attractive couple, though a little younger than us.

Without mentioning the bi-curious interest of the couple she asked me if I liked them and if it would be ok if she wrote them a note and exchanged a few pictures. I, of course, said Great and we began our adventure.

After exchanging a few email and pictures with Jim and Sue we decided to meet them for a drink at a local restaurant and see if we also had the physical chemistry we were all seeking. We met at about 7:30 pm, exchanged hellos and entered the bar area. Pam seemed a tiny bit nervous and wanted me to order her a really good martini. Jim and I went to the bar as the girls found an empty booth to sit at.

Jim and I arrived with the drinks and we chatted about our homes, work and then finally how we all found Adult FriendFinder and what we were interested in. It seemed we were all a bit nervous talking about our sexual desires, but the energy level seemed to increase the more we all openly shared. After another round of drinks we were all fairly high and horny. Sue asked if wed like to join them for a Jacuzzi and their home. To my surprise again, Pam spoke first and said it sounded great to her if it was ok with me.

I immediately agreed and we followed them over to their home only 15 minutes away.

On the way over Pam commented to me that she really liked both of them and was looking forward to what the night might bring.

With that she reached her hand over and stroked my hardening length through my pants. Great honey I said, Lets leave that for later before I blow right here! As we arrived we followed Jim and Sue into their home and Jim offered up a drink.

We thanked him and asked for another martini. We then went into the family room where the fireplace was already burning and took a seat on their large couches. We sat kitty-corner to them so we could chat, but Sue was quick to grab Pam and said, Pam, lets Jaquzzi! What do you say guys? We all agreed and Jim and I followed the girls to the backyard.

Sue and Jim quickly stripped and hopped in. Pam and I, a bit slower, undressed and jumped in after them. The water was so niceI reached over and began to stroked Sues leg that was sitting between my legs. Her toes reached up touching my hardening length. I could see Jim doing the same without Pam resisting, so we all moved closer to our other partners and began kissing each other and stroking lengths, breasts and softnesses. Just then I felt another hand on my length, thinking it was my wife. I looked to see where she was and there was no way it was hers. It was Jims and I liked it. Jim stroking my length and his wife riubbing my balls, it felt so good I leaned back so that they could both get to me easier. Sue pulled her head away from kissing me and I laid my head back to enjoy the feeling.

I looked over to Pam to see Sue heading her way. Sue reached out, fondling Pams breasts, leaned in to her and began kissing her. It was an incredibly exciting site to see. Now with Sue gone and Jim stoking me I moved my hand toward him and grabbed a hold of his hardening length and began stroking him the same way he was stroking me.

After several minutes of play Sue asked if we could go to their bedroom and with that we all exited the spa, dried off and moved toward the house. We entered their beautiful bedroom and Jim grabbed a hold of Pam and moved her toward the end of the bed, laying her on her back while kissing her and fondling her breasts.

Taking Jims lead, I reached for Sue and did the same. Now all four of us were on the bed kissing, stroking and fondling. I then started down to Sues mound to get a taste of her sweet softness.

As I did I notice Jim following suit with Pam. The girls really seemed to love it and Jim and I eagerly toyed and sucked their wet softnesses. We heard a bit of moaning from the girls as they enjoyed the attention. I watched Sue from between her smooth parted legs, reach out to touch Pam who looked over at her and also reached to touch Sues hand. Jim and I looked at each as we watched our girls begin a girl-girl session.

We stopped momentarily, backed up and watched as our lengths stood at high attention. Jim looked at me, leaned over and took my length in his hand. He first started stroking me again as wave after of wave of passion ran through my body. Then he leaned toward my length and started toying the head of my now raging hard-on. He toyed my length as it twitched.

He then took me into his mouth and down his throat. He bobbed his head up and down sucking and toying my hard length as I looked over to Pam who was lying with her legs spread with Sue deep in between enjoying my fiancs sweet wet softness. Jim was now toying the precum from the tip of my length as I reached down and began stroking him. Its my turn I told Jim.

Jim leaned back while I leaned down to taste my first hard length. It seemed so hard yet soft at the same time.

My hands roamed down to his balls while my tongue darted out to taste his sweet precum at the tip. Id tasted my own precum before and knew it would be the same sweet taste.

I toyed the mushroom head of his length while watching it twitch with the excitement and stimuli. I massaged his balls while reaching for his soft place. As I moved down on his length taking it deeper into my mouth I reached between his soft place cheeks and began to push at the entrance of his soft place with my finger.

With a slight moan, he obviously was enjoying it, so I pushed my finger in deeper pulling him closer to me his length deeper in my mouth while trying to deep throat his 8 length.

As I moved my head up and down on his shaft I also moved my finger in and out of his soft place.

From the side I could barely see the girls. They were now is a passionate 69 embrace. I had no idea Pam would be so into this 4some, but she certainly looked like she was going to thoroughly enjoy Jim, Sue, me tonight.

As Jim neared his climax he also saw the girls in their 69 position and motioned to me to do the same. We then moved to our 69 positions. His mouth was so warm and wet on my length.

I hoped he enjoyed my service to him as well. After a short while I felt warm small hands on my back.

I looked up to see Sue rubbing my back and moving her hands toward my soft place. Then I felt her at my soft place entrance just as I had done for Jim. She eased her finger in me as I continued to suck on Jims length. Pam followed Sues lead and placed her finger into Jims already finger-played soft place. Im not sure if she knew that just a few minutes earlier my finger was in the same place. The girls enjoyed playing with our soft placees for awhile while watching us suck each others lengths. Then Sue got aggressive and pulled me away and began to kiss me while Jim pulled Pam on top of him and did the same. I sat Sue up on my stomach and with an easy thrust eased my length deep inside of Sues wet softness lowering her onto me. Jim turned Pam over in doggy position, pulled her hips up to him and rammed his length deep inside her sopping wet softness. It was an exciting vision to watch the whole scene with bodies shaking, hard lengths pumping and everyone moaning with pleasure as we increased our momentums.

Jim was first to cum as he started to really pound Pams softness. With a huge push his balls were flat against Pam as she came.

Just then he shot off a huge load of his hot cum deep inside her. At the same time I watched as Sues face and body tightened preceding her cum. Her head leaned back her softness muscles tighten around my raging length as I let out a huge load of cum deep inside of Sue she moaned and sagged to my body after she came. We lay in a naked group all wet and happy. As Pam and I left we couldnt wait to meet up with Jim and Sue again. To my surprise Pam mentioned to me in the car that she really enjoyed watching me suck a length. Just because she loved sucking length she wasnt sure I would, but was happy to see I did as much as she enjoyed watching me do it. Now she is looking forward to getting back on line and checking out a few of the younger guys who were interested in us to see what that would be like. I think Ive unleashed a tiger and Im loving it and looking forward to our new ventures. New lengths for both of us!

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