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My first time bi

by Guest on Mar 16, 2017 Bisexual Sexstories 3489 Views

I was hitching a ride to a friend's house and it stated to rain.

It was early summer and I was only wearing shorts and a tank top. So there I was standing in the rain no cars in sight wondering what to do, now to explain . We lived out in the woods no neighbors for miles so I decided to start walking home.About ten minutes into my wet walk along comes this old pick-up truck. He pulls over and yells for me to get in. I quickly complied as it was getting dark and I was soaked.As we started to drive I noticed the guy who had rescued me was blonde haired and fairly good looking but he was totaly naked.

He said he had just got caught in the rain like I had and didn't want to get the seat wet.Right as he is saying that I noticed he was sporting one of the nicest looking lengths I had ever seen. For awhile now I had been feeling a strong urge when ever I saw another guy's length to want to maybe try it toy it suck it see how it tasted.Well seeing this guy's length my length started to rise and as I said I was only wearing shorts so it just popped out of the leg and laid there on my thigh. He reached over gave my thingy a squeeze and told me to go ahead and take my shorts off.

Well as I was feeling that urge again I just stripped them off. Then with no urging from him I reached over and held his length.

It felt so good soft hot and it started to get hard.

He told me go ahead stroke it so I DID. It felt so good holding stroking another man's length that I couldn't resist the urge I had to taste it. I leaned over and toyed the pre-cum and it tasted sweet, I had to have more.

I wrapped my lips around that that throbing head toyed and sucked as much of that gorgeous length as I could get in my mouth.I reached down and started playing with his balls and he let out a groan. He said son you keep that up I'm goin to come. I was in heaven I finally had a hard length in my mouth and I couldn't wait to taste his seed.I doubled my efforts toying and sucking playing with his balls and soft place and then it happened that first shot hit the back of my throat and he was coming. He poured shot after shot of his sweet load down my throat I just kept swallowing he filled my mouth and I couldn't swallow fast enough it started dribbling down my chin. Then he pulled the truck over grabbed my head and forced his still hard length deep in my throat.I just kept sucking loving every drop. It was then I noticed my thingy was leaking buckets I was so hot I wanted it all.

I looked at his still hard length and told him to play me I wanted to finally scratch that itch. He looked at me smiled and said no problem. He told me to turn around so I got on my knees and presented him my virgin soft place. He started kneading and fingering my pulsing sensitive place, I started to tingle it felt great.Then he spit in my soft place crack and started working his finger in my tight soft place ohhhh it felt so good. I told him play me I wanted his length deep in my virgin soft place.

He kneeled behind me and rubbed his length up and down my soft place crack brushing my tingling sensitive place on every stroke.

Then he pushed ouch it hurt I told easy does it, he said relax then pushed again and the head popped into my man softness I was in heaven it felt so good so right. I pushed back and he buried that hard flesh missle to the hilt.

He pulled back slowly till only the head was in me, then plunged deeply back into me I felt his balls slap my soft place and I knew this maybe the first length in my soft place but it wouldn't be the last.

He started stroking my soft place long deep strokes, he alternated with long strokes and rolling his hips. He hit every nerve in my sensitive place I was going to come with this stranger's thingy stuffed up my soft place.

My length had never been so hard then I exploded.I shot and shot my thingy just kept coming and coming.

Then I felt his thingy grow throb and with one final thrust he started to fill my soft place with his hot load .Shot after shot after shot my soft place had never known this feeling I was soaring.

He sat back and his length slurped out of my throughly played soft place his come teasing out of my soft place coating my balls. My soft place felt empty I wanted more, he pulled back onto the road not saying a word drove me to my house. I never got his name or ever saw him again but it was the first of many more times of getting my soft place played and filled with hot hard length.

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