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A day at the beach

by SexStoriesClub on Feb 17, 2017 Bisexual Sexstories 6974 Views

I had been spending a lot of time with my new friends Jane, Mark and Leslie when one afternoon the girls said that they were going shopping why dont we do some guy thing? Mark and I packed some lunch and a cooler and headed to the beach to see some eye candy. I headed to the more popular beach I knew but Mark said have you ever been to The Cove? I said I thought that was a private beach and nude too. He said he had a pass card to get in and if I was uncomfortable we could go somewhere else. I asked him what it like was. He said small with little nooks in the dunes for privacy and it was coed but there were a lot of guys there. Everyone leaves each other alone unless asked. I said what the hell lets go. We got there soon enough and Mark let our car in with his pass card. There were only three other cars in the parking lot so I figured we would have some privacy. We packed up our stuff and went through the dunes to the edge of them. Mark stopped and said its bare ass from here bud So we dropped our shorts and pulled off our tops.

As we drifted down the beach I saw a nice looking couple of guys, also naked with their arms around each other walking the other way. There was also a guy and girl headded our way. We continued on passing the other couple, nice cock, nice tits and clean shaved pussy too, I was thinking. I looked up to find them, checking us out too. The girl looked about 18 and was really interested in our cocks. We continued on until we found one of the little nooks and spread our blankets out and started rubbing lotion on each other. I didnt know what to expect and how far this mutual caressing should go. Mark showed no hesitation and slid smoothly from rubbing oil on my back to my front to stroking my cock. He leaned right over and put my now hardening cock into his mouth. I had never had sex in public before and the prospect of it excited me. I had a couple of experiences where a few couples had sex in the same room. But not like this. It felt pretty good and I wanted my share. We maneuvered ourselves around so that we were on our sides in a 69 sucking each others cock. This was my first expirence where it was just guy on guy, no woman or girl with a cock around. Fuck it I loved it. We continued until we came in each others mouth. It was then that we noticed the two guys and the boy girl couple were about ten feet away watching. The guys had each others cock in their hands and were stroking stiff ones and both were uncut. I loved that. The boy and girl were also all over each other.

One of the guys said that was so hot you two, do you want some company? The girl seemed disappointed like she expected to join us too. As Mark was telling the two guys to join us I was asking the little lady just what she wanted. Her boy friend said she had only had sex with him and was looking to have sex with some new guys. I asked him how he felt about it and he unsteadily said he was OK with it. The girl spread her blanket next to me and leaned right over and started kissing me with a lot of enthusiasm. She was pretty nubile and I pulled her into my arms. I had one hand caressing her back down to her tight little ass and one sliding between her nether lips and into her slippery pussy. Now she had a pussy, when she got older it would be a cunt but right now it was all pussy and lunch to me. I broke away to ask Please tell me you are at least 18! She said she was 18 just last week. Good enough for me. She was really getting into touching my cock and balls. One of the guys was close to me and I put one of her hands on his large uncut cock. Her eyes opened with a snap but she didnt let go of either cock. Mark and the other guy had grabbed the boyfriend by each arm and pulled him down to them. He seemed lost. But before he could protest Mark had his cock in his mouth. The other guy was sucking Marks cock. They maneuvered the young guy so that he could reach the last untouched cock. I dont think he was ready for this but nobody was really firm in their actions and he could have pulled away.

The little lady leaned back to catch her breath and saw what was happening to her bo. Suck somebodys cock baby; I want to see you suck a cock. If you do it Ill do it too and then I will know what to do for you later. I was starting to feel like some kind of instructor but remembered it was only a couple of months ago that I had never had a cock in my mouth and this kid was getting a 30 year jump on me. Go ahead buddy, it is only sex and you should try everything at least once. So he did, tentatively at first but pretty soon he was right into it. I kind of wished that big uncut cock was in my mouth, but with this young juicy pussy in front of me I wanted to be the first to slurp her sweet young juices. I placed her on my face as I lay back on the blanket. The last guy was putting my cock in his mouth and trying to maneuver around so either the young lady or I could reach his nice long cock. I was reaching for it and found the girl was way ahead of me. I just settled in and really tried to give the little one all of my pussy eating expirence. Clit, lips, pussy hole and ass hole, I ate it all and she was the first to cum. She clamped her legs around my head and covered my face with that sweet young juice. She didnt squirt but she sure flowed some sweet juice. When she caught her breath she leaned right over and took the cock she had in her hand and put most of it in her mouth. The owner of the cock asked her if she could take him in her pussy and she was ready to try. This started some maneuvering on the blankets.

Mark split up with the young guy, knowing I would like a shot at the other uncut cock. My uncut friend and I settled right in to enjoying each others cock and mouth. As I have said I really am fascinated with uncut cocks. I enjoy sucking and licking the foreskin, pulling it over the glans and trying to lick the head inside. Before long I was gifted with a nice load of hot cum. My guys moaning started his friend cumming in the little girls pussy. Mark and the young boy were right behind. The guy I sucked said You havent cum, can I suck you off? No I have got plans for that load. The girl was sprawled on her back, legs wide open with her eyes almost rolled back, looking just well fucked. I rolled over and started eating her well fucked little cunt. Funny how a load of cum can change a pussy to a cunt but it works for me. I sucked the hot juice mix right out of her and started on her nice little rose bud. She rolled right over and raised her cute little ass to my tongue. I feasted on her nether hole until I felt she was ready. I asked her are you ready for something else new sweet heart? Yes but Bobby fucks me in the ass all of the time. Well that set me back for a second but not for long. I was pressing my cock head to her cute little ass hole when she said Will you just put it in and fuck the shit out of me Such a mouth on one so young! I will like to see her in 10 years. So fuck her I did, and god was she tight but smooth. I soon felt my balls emptying into her.

We all ran to the surf to rinse off and started heading out in our separate ways. As Mark and I got to the spot to put our clothes back on he asked what were you and the kids talking about as we left. I was getting a phone number, what were you doing? Getting a couple myself, I know how you like those uncut cocks! I hope the girls had fun shopping..

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