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Straight black male seeking man for bisexual experience

by SexStoriesClub on Jan 23, 2017 Bisexual Sexstories 7636 Views

Danny's profile fairly jumped off the page into my eyes. I wanted to make love to a black man for the first time. He wanted to make love to a man for the first time. We seemed compatible from our profiles, but I didn't have enough confidence to believe that I could actually get my dream date--a hot 6'4" black man--but I sent him a message anyway. I was pleasantly surprised when he wrote back within a few days. As we chatted though, it was all clear.

Danny figured that I could teach him to enjoy this new experience, he liked the fact that I was clean, healthy, and discreet, and it was good that I had a place we could meet.

We set our first date. The time came and went, and an hour later I went to bed disappointed. I was also surprised, because I knew I was sincere and I would have bet he was. So I wasn't surprised when I got his new message the next day. When he had announced that he was going from the military base into town for a drink, someone decided to tag along. Sometime later, I would learn that this was his wife.

We reset our date, and he phoned as he was about to start over. I was nervous enough to want to give him specific instructions. He sounded a little irritated when he said he'd find it. Fifteen minutes later, I opened my apartment door to feast my eyes on about the hottest man I had ever seen. "Michael?" he asked. I answered, "Hi Danny, come on down." We went down the steps to my basement apartment, I took his coat, he slipped off his shoes. I said, "Let's get right to the main event, " and we headed to my bedroom. With no direct light but light in the next room, it seemed just right.

I knelt in front of Danny, gently pulled down his sweats and took off his boxers. A gorgeous semi-hard dick was in my face. As I sucked black cock for the first time, I loved licking the dark skin and playing with his tight balls. After what seemed like only a minute, Danny pulled me to my feet and knelt. He had my jeans off in no time, and fairly tore my white briefs off. My 6" of uncut meat was rock hard, and he sucked cock for the first time, with a hunger that was almost shocking. It felt great.

I guess I only gave him a minute too. "Let's get on the bed so we can do each other, " I said. We stripped in an instant, and were sucking each other hungrily. I remember thinking I could not believe the good luck.

We tried fucking each other, but I couldn't find the spot and he was being too careful not to hurt me. We agreed that we could try it another time. I wasn't too disappointed, actually, and I hoped Danny wasn't either.

We went back to sucking. I came three or four times. Danny swallowed every mini-load and licked all the cum off my head each time. When Danny came, I tasted some of it, but most of his huge load glistened on his dark brown skin.

He seemed satisfied, and I was completely turned on by how hot it looked.

We got dressed, and Danny said goodbye. We agreed we'd do this again. I knew I believed him, and I hoped it would be soon.

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