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Bisexual Sexstories

by Guest on Jan 2, 2017


If you like Bi stories, this is one for you! Like a lot of guys, I was getting complacent in my relationship with my fianc and so I began to surf the net. I found Adult FriendFinder and joined to check it out. I decided to join both me and my fianc just to see if anything interesting would pop up. I was hoping I could get my fiance Pam interested in a 3some or 4some with me, like I had done with my first wife years ago. After only a day we started getting a lot of email from several guys and a few couples. My fiance is a very beautiful blonde standing at 5 3 and only 112 lbs carrying a very beautiful set of 36-C cup tits with perky small nipples that harden at the slightest hint of chill. As you can suspect many of the guys were rude and indicated their prowess and desire to play my wifeno news there. A few responses from the couples were very interesting especially this one I really liked. The first part of their profile indicated they were both bi-curious, which got me excited just ... Continue reading →

by SexStoriesClub on Jan 23, 2017


Danny's profile fairly jumped off the page into my eyes. I wanted to make love to a black man for the first time. He wanted to make love to a man for the first time. We seemed compatible from our profiles, but I didn't have enough confidence to believe that I could actually get my dream date--a hot 6'4" black man--but I sent him a message anyway. I was pleasantly surprised when he wrote back within a few days. As we chatted though, it was all clear. Danny figured that I could teach him to enjoy this new experience, he liked the fact that I was clean, healthy, and discreet, and it was good that I had a place we could meet. We set our first date. The time came and went, and an hour later I went to bed disappointed. I was also surprised, because I knew I was sincere and I would have bet he was. So I wasn't surprised when I got his new message the next day. When he had announced that he was going from the military base into town for a drink, someone decided to tag ... Continue reading →

by SexStoriesClub on Feb 17, 2017


I had been spending a lot of time with my new friends Jane, Mark and Leslie when one afternoon the girls said that they were going shopping why dont we do some guy thing? Mark and I packed some lunch and a cooler and headed to the beach to see some eye candy. I headed to the more popular beach I knew but Mark said have you ever been to The Cove? I said I thought that was a private beach and nude too. He said he had a pass card to get in and if I was uncomfortable we could go somewhere else. I asked him what it like was. He said small with little nooks in the dunes for privacy and it was coed but there were a lot of guys there. Everyone leaves each other alone unless asked. I said what the hell lets go. We got there soon enough and Mark let our car in with his pass card. There were only three other cars in the parking lot so I figured we would have some privacy. We packed up our stuff and went through the dunes to the edge of them. Mark stopped and said its bare ass from here bud So we ... Continue reading →

by Guest on Mar 16, 2017


I was hitching a ride to a friend's house and it stated to rain. It was early summer and I was only wearing shorts and a tank top. So there I was standing in the rain no cars in sight wondering what to do, now to explain . We lived out in the woods no neighbors for miles so I decided to start walking home.About ten minutes into my wet walk along comes this old pick-up truck. He pulls over and yells for me to get in. I quickly complied as it was getting dark and I was soaked.As we started to drive I noticed the guy who had rescued me was blonde haired and fairly good looking but he was totaly naked. He said he had just got caught in the rain like I had and didn't want to get the seat wet.Right as he is saying that I noticed he was sporting one of the nicest looking lengths I had ever seen. For awhile now I had been feeling a strong urge when ever I saw another guy's length to want to maybe try it toy it suck it see how it tasted.Well seeing this guy's length my length ... Continue reading →

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