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Best friends

by SexStoriesClub on Mar 6, 2017 Anal Sexstories 3426 Views

My best friend in the world is Jay. We had dated a little bit a few times back in high school, but we found we were much better friends than anything else. When we were juniors in high school, not quite 17, he was a photographer for the school paper. He was good at it too. This year his assignment was to photograph the Homecoming football game, the Homecoming Court and the crowning of the Homecoming Queen during halftime. He never had problems with girls, but even he welcomed the opportunity to get up close and personal with the six of the most beautiful girls in our class.

During halftime, Jay went down to the field to start shooting the Homecoming Court and crowning of the Queen, and I stayed up in the stands. I love the cool October air, and up on the top of the bleachers, there was always a good breeze, even with a thousand fans in the stands. After a few minutes one of my friends came over, Stacey, and plunked down on the bench next to me.

My boyfriend is SUCH a jerk. No, correction, my EX boyfriend. She stood up, stormed off, and came back 30 seconds later and sat down again. I told him its over, Im sick of his crap, and not to call me.

What did he do now? I asked.

He was trying to get Karen to go to the dance with him, because he didnt think Id show up tonight. Hes a complete tool. I stood there behind him while he was trying to persuade her, and finally she pointed out I was right there. So now he can have neither of us.

I said to her, Jay and I are going to go over to Dennys after the game with a few people. None of us want to the dance, so were going there to sit in one of the big booths and talk all night, or until they throw us out. I LOVE their Oreo milkshakes. You want to come with us?

Yeah, sure. I skipped dinner so Ill get something to eat there. I hate the stuff they have here at the concession counter. Stacey made a face. I swear the pizza is from last year.

We chatted for a while while Jay ran around on the turf snapping photos of the girls as they pranced down the red carpet, and gathered for the crowning. He loved his older manual SLR camera, and could rewind and change the film faster than most people could with an automatic snapshot camera. Hed flirt with all the girls too so he got plenty of cutsie poses. After the excitement of the Homecoming Queen, the came resumed, and Jay came back up to the stands so he could get good elevated shots of the game.

Hey Stacey. Wheres your dude, Jay asked.

With any luck hes choking on his tongue. And hes my EX dude, thank you very much.

Jay chucked. So how many breakups is this?

Stacey glared at him, Its the last one. Im tired of his crap.

Good, that means you can finally go out with me and find out what a real man is like. Jay had a devilish grin, and was very charming when he wanted to be.

Stacey smiled, stood up and sat on Jays lap. Youre right. After dating you, he WOULD look like a real man, she said with a wink. Jay had a crush on Stacey for a long time, and I could tell he was very pleased to be her chair for a while. She put her legs up on mine, and said, You two shall be my entertainment for the evening! She was very cute all around, and her legs were smooth as silk. I didnt object to holding them a bit.

She jumped up when he needed to take a few photos of the end of the game as the players came off the field. He came over and sat between Stacey and I, and said, What now ladies? Shall we go meet our crew at Dennys?

I said, Yes! Ive been looking forward to one of their milkshakes all day.

When we got to the restaurant, there were a few tables of people who had also decided to come here rather than go to the dance, but our group didnt seem to have made it yet. We picked one of the big round booths in the corner so everyone would have room when they arrived. Jay put an arm over the shoulders of Stacey and me, and said, This is my idea of a double date. I poked him in the ribs and we laughed.

We sat there for an hour chatting and nibbling on a sampler platter, but no one else came. So we kept talking, and around 10:30 I said we should go back to my house and watch a movie or something. We paid the bill, and got back into Jays car, and drove over to my house. We talked and laughed and watched crap on TV for a few hours when we noticed it was way after midnight. being on the parents insurance, we werent allowed to drive after midnight, so I asked my mom if they could stay the night, and she said it was fine. Jay called his folks, who were also ok with it. Our parents knew we were just friends and didnt worry about anything between us.

Stacey called her mom and asked if she could stay at my house for the night. She conspicuously left out that Jay would be here. Yep, I can stay!

We sat back and talked more, and around 1AM we heard my parents come upstairs to bed. My mom poked her head in, and said with a smile, Theres snacks and drinks in the fridge, but since the rest of us will be trying to sleep, try to keep it down when you go up and down the stairs. Good night kids.

At 2 the movies had ended, and we turned off the TV and put on some music. Stacey said, You two are such good friends, its hard to believe you broke up.

Jay said, Well, we didnt really break up, we just liked being around each other more than we liked making out with each other. Going from dating to friends just kind of happened.

Stacey said, So you two were pretty heavy for a while?

Yeah, we did all the usually things boys and girls do, I said with a wink.

She looked at me, and said, You did it?

A few times, yeah. I replied.

She squirmed a little, and asked with a sly smile, So is he any good?

Jay leaned over to her and said, Find out. And laid a big kiss right on her. She was a little startled, but didnt pull back, and looked at me. I smiled and nodded. She turned back to him and kissed him back. She breathed a little heavier, opened her mouth, and wrapped her arms around his neck.

I started to get a little excited watching them. She moved her hands down his back, and he moved his up her leg. She leaned back and pulled him with her while she lay back on the floor. Another moment and she started to pull his shirt up his back. I leaned over and helped pull his shirt up to his shoulders. They came apart for a moment, I pulled his shirt totally off, and I leaned in to kiss him. She was running her hands over his chest, then pulled both of our heads to hers and kissed me on the cheek. I kissed her back and he leaned back to start to unzip my dress in the back. She opened her mouth and tasted my tongue.

Jay slipped the open dress off my shoulders and down my arms, and started to unbutton Staceys top. She slipped her arms out quickly, and slipped a hand to Jays pants and unbuttoned them before reached around to my bra, all without breaking her tongue from mine.

Jay stood long enough to shuck his pants and underwear, then slid Staceys skirt off. He reached for her panties, but I grabbed his hand, and said, Thats my job. He leaned over instead to return to kissing her and caressed her breasts, and I kicked off the last of my dress.

Staceys thighs were creamy pale and as smooth as the rest of her legs, and melted right into a tight flat belly with wonderful perky breasts. I kissed my way up her thighs, and licked her stomach, and she ran her hand though my hair as I slid a finger in her narrow little panties. I pulled them down to reveal a delicate little tuft of hair, and a moist pink mound. I turned around so I could get a better taste of her pussy, and her hand moved down my back to to my bare bottom, and between my legs. I licked her clit as she found mine with her fingers, a she knew exactly how to touch me.

With her other hand she guided Jays cock to her mouth. She licked the drop of pre-come from the head before engulfing him into her mouth. He straddled her shoulders as she started to work his manhood with her mouth and throat. I spun around again and spread her legs so I could tongue fuck her. She smelled hot and musky, and was dripping wet. Her juices were literally running down my chin as I thrust my tongue deeply into her pussy. She moved a leg between mine, and pressed on my pussy with her foot. I was also dripping wet. I moved a hand down and grabbed her ankle and rubbed my pussy with her foot, pressing and moving to stimulate my own clit as I sucked on hers.

I could see Jay was starting to thrust into her mouth, and she moved both her hands to his buttocks. She squeezed them and slowly inched her fingers to hit anus, and slid her middle finger into his ass. He quietly gasped, and she started to rub his balls with her other hand as I worked over her pussy with my mouth and fingers. She massaged his anus with her fingers, inched two fingers completely into his ass, and he groaned through strained teeth and her jaw started to work. He was coming right in her mouth and she was swallowing it as fast as he could pump it. His legs shook as he struggled under his own weight, his orgasm sucking his strength.

He finally moved off of her, pulled my hair a little, and said, Now you. I slowly moved up, licking her stomach, sucking her nipples, and kissed her, tasting Jays come still in her mouth. I moved further up, and she licked my nipples and stomach, and when I straddled her face she dove right into my socked snatch like a professional. Jay pulled a condom from his pants, put it on, grabbed her behind the knees, and entered her. She grunted under my pussy, but kept licking and sucking my clit.

Jay started to slowly pump into her, pushing the whole way in, pulling almost completely out, and repeating slowly enough to tease her. She moaned almost silently every time he pushed all the way in, and I told her to finger fuck my ass like she did his. She repeated the maneuver, first pushing one finger in my ass, then two, slowly working them in and out. As Jay started to pound her harder and faster, her whole body rocked with his pumping, and her nose would rub against my clit as she pushed her tongue inside me. I started to come, and bit my lip to stay quiet. She started to puff heavily too, and Jay fucked her as hard and fast as he could. The vibrations went right up her body and into mine, intensifying my orgasm as she started to come herself. She squeezed my clit between her tongue and her teeth as she squealed with pleasure in my pussy, pushing me over the edge again with the intense pleasure and pain, and her fingers forcing themselves ever harder in my ass.

I rolled off of her after a moment, and we all were breathing heavily trying to catch our breath. Stacey rolled over, and kissed my thighs again, sweetly and slowly. Jay recovered first. He grabbed Staceys ass and spread her cheeks. Your turn, he said with a grin, and pushed his still rock-hard cock right into her ass. She wasnt expecting it, and let out a squeak of surprise. He slowly pushed completely in her ass, and paused, and I pushed her face back down into my pussy. She didnt need any more prompting, and started back to work on me. She reached a hand up this time to squeeze my breasts, and rub my nipples.

Jay slowly resumed pumping as her ass became used to his size. A moment later he pulled entirely out, pulled off the condom, and re-entered her ass. The feel of flesh on flesh pleased them both, they sighed as he pushed his entire length back into her, and began pumping again. One hand on my breast, one hand between her legs, her mouth fucking my cunt, and Jay fucking her ass, she was grunting and moaning constantly. She let go of my breast, and moved that hand to my own ass again, rubbing my anus, which was still buzzing from her fingers earlier.

I couldnt help myself, and whispered, Oh god yes, do it again. Jay was pounding her ass like mad, and Stacey was huffing like a steam engine. He started to come first, and his pounding slowed, but he slammed into her ass even harder with a solid grunt each time. That pushed Stacey and me both into our own orgasms again, quivering with the contractions of our bodies. Jay pulled out of Stacey and laid back on the floor, cock standing straight up. Stacey kissed my pussy again, and laid her head between my legs, her cheek on my mound. I stroked her hair, and breathed deeply myself.

Stacey took a deep breath, kissed my pussy again, and sat up. I sat up too, and we both crawled over to where Jay was laying, snuggled into each of his shoulders, and we each hooked a leg over his. I kissed him like I hadnt kissed him in years, deeply and with passion. Stacey nibbled on my ear.

We all laid there for several hours, dozing, stroking each other, kissing. The sun started to light the sky, dimly in the distance, and my parents would be up in a couple hours. Jay had to take his film into the schools darkroom to develop it for Monday, he could take his time on a Saturday like this without interruption. He went into the bathroom to clean up before my parents would hear, then Stacey and I went in to wash up a little. When we came back into my room, Jay was dressed and asleep on the floor already. I gave her a t-shirt and put one on too, and we crawled into bed.

Around 10 my mom knocked on the door and said, Good morning kids. All she saw was Jay on the floor dressed just as he had been the night before, and Stacey and I under the covers of my double bed. Jay woke up, and thanked her for letting him stay the night before she went downstairs. he gave us each a kiss, and headed off to shower at home and then develop his film at the school. Stacey and I stayed in bed for a couple more hours, our hands hidden by the covers. She stayed over that night too, and finally went home on Sunday. Im sure you can imagine how we spent that night.

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