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When Marty met Sindy

by Guest on Mar 9, 2017 Anal Sexstories 3177 Views

Marty had met Sindy in a popular bar in town. Sindy was a smoldering sex goddess. Cinnamon-colored hair, perky smooth tits, long legs and a horny pussy that was insatiable. Marty was an attorney. He had been married twice and was looking for adventure when he met his love, his erotic muse. Sex with Sindy was the most erotic sex of his life. The little slut loved anal sex. She was a tight fuck too. Her pretty pert little ass raised up and allowed him entry whenever he got horny.

Sindy loved to dress up for Marty. On this occasion, she was slipping into some silky stockings. The sensation of the fabric against her taut, tight skin was exquisite, and made her nipples harden with want. She slipped the stockings over her smoothly shaven dancer's legs one at a time. The panties, she had bought at an exclusive boutique on 5th Ave. They were cream color and high cut and had lace trim on the sides . She felt beautiful. She attached the garter and slipped her foot into a pair of stilettos. Marty would be home soon and it was their anniversary and everything had to be perfect! She put on the bra. It was a push-up and accentuated her cleavage. Sindy appraised her reflection in the mirror as she brushed her long hair. HOT! Definitely. Now, the tight leather dress which fit like a glove. Carefully she applied her make-up. Then the toys.

Sindy had lotions, set out on the bedside table. A bottle of spray whipped cream. Some strawberries, a banana, a cucumber, sat in a bowl on the table. The anticipation of the evening was great. She opened a bottle of wine and set it near the bed.

The doorbell rang. Quickly Sindy lit some candles, rechecked herself in the mirror and answered the door. Marty had flowers in his hand. She threw them aside and put her mouth on hers. Their tongues were hot as they melded together. Sindy could feel Marty's throbbing erection under his dirty jeans. His muscular thighs and incredible butt in those jeans was a turn-on. He was so masculine, so sexy. She sat him down on the sofa. Caressing his manly chest, she straddled his lap. Teasing him with those breasts. He reached for one and his rough hand on her cleavage made Sindy's pussy throb with desire.

Marty could feel his cock strain against his jeans as Sindy performed an erotic lap dance, turning around , lifting her dress to show off her lace lingerie stretching across her perfect heart shaped ass. She twisted and moved her butt cheeks slowly. It brought on primal urges, he wanted to impale her with his huge member.

He couldn't resist her charms any longer. He lifted her and carried her to the bedroom. That is when he noticed the props on the bedside table.

"So baby, you want to play?", he asked in a naughty tone.

"Oh yes!", Sindy purred.

Marty removed the leather dress and the bra, and ordered Sindy onto the bed. He got naked. His cock was huge. He straddled Sindy, and rubbed his cock between her tits. He reached for the whipped cream and lubed her tits with the frothy sweetness. Her nipples hardened and she moaned with pleasure. He worked his cock between her tits . They were both very worked up and the air was filled with moans. She reached her head up to suck on the tip of his creamy cock as he fucked her fleshy mounds. He wanted more. He moved up and stuck his huge rod fully between her lips and her mouth until her throat was stuffed with cock. Her back arched as he fucked her mouth. Her cries were muffled. She worked her tongue around and lapped hungrily. He pumped her gullet in a fast rhythm, blowing his entire load down her throat. Sindy swallowed it all, gagging only slightly. She knew her turn was coming. 

She turned around on all fours and removed her panties , still clad in garters, stockings and stilettos , and begged Marty to use the cucumber for a dildo. He slowly put the crunchy dill up her willing cunt. He loved watching her hole stretch to accommodate the cucumber. He held it inside her and twisted it slowly. Then he sprayed the whipping cream on her tight little asshole and gave her a nice little rim job. Lubed with saliva and whipping cream. He lapped her little ass with his hot tongue. Sindy groaned . Marty teased her rim with a tip of strawberry and she wiggled her ass wildly. Marty grabbed the banana and added a little oil to the peel.

"C'mon, baby, I know I can take it", Cindy panted and spread her legs apart further.

Marty slowly inserted the oiled banana up Sindy's asshole, while she shook with pleasure. Her little muscles were so sensitive and she tingled with sensations as the banana slid further and deeper into her dark hole. She reached for the cucumber in her pussy, her body accommodating the double penetration . Marty pulled it from her pussy and shoved it into her mouth. She bit down tightly. When the banana was almost three-quarters in, Marty began to unpeel the fruit. Then he started to eat it. It was intensely erotic. Sindy bit down on the cucumber trying to suppress her screams. When the banana was completely devoured, Sindy turned over and Marty replaced the cucumber with his tongue . They then took turns drinking wine from the bottle. Marty playfully spilled wine on Sindy's body and licked it off. Her tits covered in wine and his warm tongue lapping it off her skin was absolute heaven! Sindy's whole body felt alive! The wine was going to her head a bit. She eyed the bottle and asked Marty if he would try to give it to her up the ass.

He said, " With pleasure", and raised her legs. He eased the head of the bottle in as Sindy moaned and took her cues to how far the bottle should go in. While it was in about ź of the way, he sucked her clit. Sindy couldn't take any more. With the bottle inside her she came, spurting cum juice from her cunt! Her body ejected the bottle and she lay spent. Marty held her for a long time. It was an incredible anniversary!

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