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My first time as an Exhibitionist

by SexStoriesClub on Feb 28, 2017 Anal Sexstories 11340 Views

The very first time we had a few friends over for football. There were three other guys, my husband and one other lady.

Now at this time I wasn't going topless at home as I do now. I did not wear a bra tho. Because it was at our house I felt that I should serve our guests and my husband, with whatever food and beverages that they needed. At half time the two guys that were single thought that they would leave and go to a bar to watch the second half of the game. When I asked why they were leaving, they kinda stammered and made a lame excuse that nobody believed.

They finally admitted that the waitress at the bar would always wear a sexy low cut top and would show a lot of cleavage as she served them. My husband quickly chimed in that he may want to go too and soon the other ladies husband agreed also. I said, "Look if you all want to leave please do, but if its just cleavage that you like you can see all you want right here."

I went upstairs and changed my blouse and put on a sweater that zipped up the front. I left it unzipped about half way.

When I came back down stairs they were still seated in the living room. I went to the kitchen and got everyone a round and brought them into the room. When serving I had to bend down and the sweater really opened up. I mean really wide!!

And you could easily see both nipples. The other guys wife got quite a charge out of it and the guys loved it.

It seemed as though the drinks disappeared much faster now that my tits were showing. As I was sitting I looked down and surely enough, sitting also caused my sweater to open.

When I went for the next round of drinks, I thought what the hell and unzipped the sweater to near the bottom. This really got them going and now they were watching me more than the game. You can guess what happened for the next round Im sure. The sweater came off. Before I took the drinks in topless I looked in the mirror and decided that the slacks that I had on didn't look good without a top, so I quickly ran upstairs and put on a pair of shorts that I had cut from a pair of jeans. These were extremely short and rode high on my butt and very close in the front. A pair of heels and back downstairs I went. It really felt great and was a total rush as I walked into the living room with the tray of drinks and topless! I said, "I bet the waitress at the bar doesnt do this."

The other lady was surprised but she thoroughly enjoyed it. The guys loved it and my husband must have thought that he had died and gone to heaven. This was basically the start of my enjoying being topless. I was so excited, and felt so good knowing that the guys were so happy and just the thrill of my nipples catching the breeze as I walked it was wonderful.

If any of the ladies that read this have never tried it, all I can say is that "you dont know what you are missing.

The day ended with everyone staying long after the game was over and I remained topless for the rest of the day. After the last guy and his wife left, my husband thanked me for being such a good sport and said that anytime I wanted to do that again to please, please do it! The next time was the next weekend.

All through the week both my husband and myself were excited about what had happened and how exciting it was for the two of us. When we started planning for Sunday he asked if I was going to be topless again. I said that I probably would but wouldn't make the decision until we saw who was going to be there. I had tried on different outfits through the week to see what I felt most comfortable with. I ended up wearing a denim skirt and a dark mostly see through blouse that buttoned up the front. The denim skirt was quite short and it had a zipper in the front .By game time there was, my husband, the 2 single guys again and the other husband minus his wife this time and 1 other male friend of my husbands.

As we were talking and waiting for the game to start, the conversation turned to what I had worn the previous week and questions about whether they would have a topless waitress this week. Without hesitation I just walked to the kitchen, removed the blouse and brought back beers for everyone. Again, I cant describe how exciting it is to walk around topless with all eyes focused on my tits.

My nipples were hard as soon as the blouse left my shoulders. I am certain that they had their eyes focused on me a whole lot more than the football game. I did notice that now they were trying to look up my skirt as well. Ladies just try to picture yourself in a room with 5 friends, all male and you wearing just a short skirt. I guess that it was then, that I discovered how much of an exhibitionist I really am. I was excited and wet and my nipples hurt because they had been so hard for so long. I was getting up to get drinks and each time I watched all eyes trying to get a look up the skirt, so when I did get up I made sure to spread my legs enough to let them have a good view. I was not wearing any panties and the skirt was really short so they did get a good look.

A little after half time I was in the kitchen and my husband came up behind me and reached around and tweaked both nipples, which just about drove me crazy. I have very sensitive nipples.

He then reached up under my skirt and ran his hand up to my pussy and gave it a few strokes too. He was surprised at how wet I was. He said, "Wow honey this really has you very excited, maybe you should take the skirt off too. With that he reached around and unsnapped the front of the skirt, unzipped the zipper and dropped the skirt to the floor.

Now here I was wearing just platform shoes!!

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