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My second anal experience

by SexStoriesClub on Apr 14, 2017 Anal Sexstories 2271 Views

After the first time I let Wayne fuck me in the ass he had a bunch of other times after that where he asked for anal and I always refused telling him to cum in my pussy. He said he wouldnt take any more chances because we got lucky the one time he shot in my pussy and he wasnt ready to start a family yet. He'd only shot in my pussy one time and after we were married would only do it wearing a rubber.

I didnt give up my ass to him again until we were married for about two months. We went to the bar on a Saturday night after eating and I thought I had some food stuck in my front teeth. Instead of going to the bathroom to look in the mirror I smiled at Wayne asking if there was a piece of meat in my front teeth. He said no and asked if Id like some meat between my teeth. He kept joking around about sex when he said hed love to bend me over one of the pool tables and fuck me in the ass. Naturally I told him that wasnt going to happen. He started saying how he was tired of always wearing a rubber if he wanted to cum in my pussy since I refused to go on the pill. He also started talking about maybe it would be easier on me if he used some lube instead of Vaseline. I knew he wanted badly to do it again and like a dumbass without thinking first I asked where he would get some lube. Wayne said there was an all night adult bookstore only a few miles away and although Id never been in one, Id learn that Wayne had. He said they sold all kinds of sex related stuff there and asked if Id like to go. I told him no even though part of me was curious. We had a few beers and he kept pressing me about anal until I finally gave in saying he could try it again but only with the lube. He was ready to leave right then to go buy some and I told him to wait until tomorrow. He was hoping to stick around after closing tonight for my ass knowing I had keys to the bar. I said I didnt want the bartenders knowing we were sticking around after hours and to wait until tomorrow night after I got off work.

We left before closing and Wayne was driving the wrong way. I asked where he was going and he said to the adult bookstore. I told him I didnt want to go there and he said wed just drive by saying they had all kinds of sexy outfits, dildos, videos, glory holes and magazines. I asked him what glory holes were and he was more than happy to explain them to me. As we drove by there was only 3 cars in the lot and Wayne said hed go in and buy the lube now and we could look around but wouldnt do it unless I went with him because he wouldnt leave me alone in the Van since this wasnt exactly the safest part of town. Although I was curious I told him no and he could come back tomorrow during the day to get the lube and we headed home.

Also when he mentioned about magazines I remembered the porn magazine I saw at my old boyfriend Donnies and how I got turned on reading the stories in it to Donnie. I played like I didnt know any better and asked about them and of course Wayne told me what he knew. When he was done I asked him to pick up a magazine with pictures of straight couples that had stories in it too. He said he thought they were all sealed but that there were magazines with just stories in them and hed try to get one of each.

The next day Wayne left around noon to go and buy the stuff. When he came back I was getting out of the shower and drying off. I grabbed a towel and walked into the bedroom where he was laying on the bed still clothed looking at the magazine with all the pictures in it. I grabbed the other one which was smaller in size and noticed just like he had said it was filled with sex stories. Wayne got up to take his clothes off and I moved my pillow to the middle of the bed covering it with a towel and laid on my back spreading my legs with my knees bent so that my feet were flat on the bed giving Wayne the hint to eat me.

He took the hint and I laid there enjoying his tongue slurping away on my pussy when he asked what I was reading and I started describing the story to him. He asked me to just read it out loud which I had hoped he would and started reading it all over to him and got off near the end of the story. Usually Wayne would always eat me off at least twice or more but he started to climb on top of me saying how he'd love to eat me some more but after hearing me read the story he needed some sexual relief and showed me the lube he bought asking if he could have anal now instead of waiting until tonight after work but I said no because I wasnt in a hurry to take it up the ass again. I said I wanted to act out the part of the story where the couple was doing a 69 with the guy on top. Wed done 69s before but Wayne always had me on top.

Wayne got on top of me and seemed to be playing out the story as every now and then he would shove his dick as far in my mouth as he could sometimes almost putting all his weight on my face. When I wanted him to raise up I just squeezed his balls and the couple times he didnt take the hint I squeezed the shit out of them which made him raise up immediately although that wasn't in the story. He was playing out the story by sometimes raising up to mouthfuck me. The story said the guy had shot down the girls throat and trying to act out that part when Wayne was ready to cum he crammed it all in firing his first shot which gagged me so I squeezed his balls hard and he pulled up some but I managed to catch the rest in my mouth. I knew he was wanting me to swallow but I couldnt bring myself to do it so I squeezed his balls hard again and he got up asking if I swallowed. He found out I didnt when I spit out his cum in the trash can. Wayne said he was trying to cum down my throat and I told him he damn near did with the first shot but hes about an inch or two too short. Poor Wayne, I love him to death and although hes always great in bed and always makes sure to get me off one way or another his dick size wont cause any male porn stars to lose their job.

From then on almost every time he ate me and we had the magazine with us I would read other stories and Wayne later bought a subscription to the magazine. A lot of the times we acted out the sex acts in the story except for anal scenes because Id refuse to give up my ass.

After we had both got off we ordered a pizza to eat while watching a movie before I had to go to work and he kept teasing me about bending me over one of the pool tables and fucking me in the ass again after I got off work tonight. We were in the middle of the movie when I had to leave for work and Wayne stayed at home saying he wanted to watch the rest of the movie. He said hed see me later at the bar and didnt come in until after ten oclock. Knowing I agreed to let him have anal bending me over one of the pool tables tonight he came in with a stupid grin on his face and I knew why telling him to shut up. He just laughed saying he didnt say anything but he knew what I meant by it. I asked what took him so long he said he stayed home and watched another movie.

At closing after Wayne and I finished cleaning up I asked him if hed like to go home to do this but all I was really doing was trying to buy time. He asked me to give him a strip tease while standing on the pool table and I went to the jukebox and chose a couple of songs and gave him the strip tease. I knew there was no turning back and that if I didn't let him fuck me in the ass we'd have a big arguement so once I was naked dancing on the pool table I started bending over spreading my ass for him to look at. Once my songs were over I hopped off the table getting on my knees and sucking him hoping Id get him off so I wouldnt have to worry about giving up anal. He only let me do that for a minute or two before telling me to bend over the table. I first went to the bench to get a cushion to put between me and the pool table like the old bar owner Ray gave me when he fucked my pussy bending me over one of the pool tables. However at the time Wayne still didnt know I fucked Ray.

Wayne put a couple of bar towels on the pool table to use to wipe his hand off from the lube and poured so much on his dick that a bunch of it dripped on the floor. He asked me to bend over the table using my hands to spread my ass apart drenching it with lube and dripping even more on the floor. He had a clean towel to my right side on the rail of the pool table since he was smearing the lube on his dick with his right hand and didnt want to get lube all over the rail. Then he pressed his dick right on the opening of my ass pushing just enough to keep it there while he reached around me grabbing the rails in each hand.

What happened next I wasnt exactly expecting. I was pretty much laying with my stomach on the table holding my ass apart with both hands with my legs spread. Using a death grip with his hands on the rails of the pool table to each side of me Wayne was balls deep in my ass in one quick stroke and I tried to jump away but there was no place to go. The lube helped him slide right up my ass easily but it still hurt and I was pinned between the pool table and him pushing on me and pulling on the rail. I begged him not to move and he left it there for a minute as I felt like cussing up a storm but didnt. I knew Wayne wasnt about to let go and once I stopped complaining he started fucking my ass slow but only for a few strokes. In no time he was pounding me in the ass like I was a cheap hooker. He said he wasnt feeling as much friction as he did with the Vaseline. I wasnt thinking about friction as much as I was that there was a dick going in and out of my ass at breakneck speed.

It was the most direct assfucking I ever got and I'm glad it was the fastest. In no time Wayne was pulling on the rails and pressing against me staying balls deep as he shot every drop of cum as deep in my ass as his dick would reach. I was just glad to feel him cumming in my ass knowing it was about over. Afterwards he said it felt so good that his knees were weak and the only way he could stand up was by pressing on me while pulling on the rails. I wasnt upset with Wayne for doing it so fast but I was upset with the way he damn near just slammed it in my ass right off the bat and let him know about it and he promised to never do it that fast again. I threatened that he would never fuck me in the ass again.

Another time Wayne after that fucked me on one of the pool tables and it left a spot in the middle as the towel had moved some on us while we were fucking. I laughed to myself when Larry (the owner at the time) wanted to know who spilled a drink on the table. Soon after that I went on the pill for a while but only because I was hoping it would end his urge for wanting anal.

We both drove back home and I guess he felt guilty about what hed done because after he ate me off a few times he cuddled beside me to go to sleep without asking for a blowjob in return. The next day I didnt wake up until he called me around noon during his break. I told him I was going to the local video rental store and asked if there was any movie hed like me to rent to watch tonight and he said to just surprise him. I ended up getting three VHS tapes instead because they had a rent two get one free thing going on. I used the freebie on a chick flick that I didnt think Wayne would be interested in figuring I'd watch it to kill some time waiting on Wayne to get home.

When I went to put the tape in the VCR it wouldnt go in because there was already a tape inside so I hit the eject button and found out what the other movie was Wayne had watched last night. I dont remember the name but it was something like Girls who take it up the ass or something like that. It was the first porn tape I ever watched and I sat back watching it all the way through. At first I wondered if maybe Id learn something about how to make it easier on myself letting Wayne assfuck me but after a few scenes I realized it was just a tape of girls getting fucked in the ass and nothing more. It lasted two hours which explained Wayne showing up last night two hours later than I thought he would.

The tape was rewound to the beginning so when I was done watching it I let it rewind and never told Wayne I watched it and handed it to him when he got home. He said he bought it at the adult book store with the other stuff.

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