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The end to a perfect day

by Guest on May 7, 2017 Anal Sexstories 1038 Views

We stumble through the apartment door, slightly drunk. 
As soon as I get the door closed, I am astonished to find you 
upon me, attacking me with a savage kiss, opening and closing 
your mouth on mine over and over, sucking my lips, assaulting 
them its as if Im being eaten alive. I love it. I hold you 
tight, feeling the shape of you, returning your kiss, tasting 
you, sucking your tongue ..

As my mouth moves to your neck, licking and nibbling, tasting 
your delicious flesh, I feel your strong hands grasping 
my buttocks, pulling me to you even closer I am thrilled 
by your audacity, and return the favor by letting my hands 
seek out the cool flesh of your back. You do the same, and 
our hands rake, caress, explore I can already feel my cock 
getting hard, and instinctively, I press it, through layers 
of clothes, against the softness of your hips and belly.

Suddenly, your hands fly to my shoulders and start pressing 
down firmly its plain what you want. I willingly drop 
to my knees before you: you dont need to force me into that 
position. I eagerly set to work, unzipping your skirt at 
the side, tugging it down, hurriedly getting your panties 
out of the way Now your luscious pussy is revealed to me. 
You confidently step out of the skirt and panties at your 
ankles and stand with your feet set well apart. All the while, 
I have been struggling out of my shirt, and now my skin meets 
yours as I embrace you from below, feeling the softness 
of your ass against my hands, and the silkiness of your thighs 
against my forearms and chest as I bring my face up to meet 
your pussy, smelling you, tasting you, burying my face 
in you, stretching out my tongue so all of it can touch and 
taste you. Shifting my position, I close the whole of my 
lips and tongue on your rapidly-hardening clit, bringing 
up a single finger up to toy with your moist opening. Your 
juices flow, and I can taste them on your clit as I continue 
to alternately lick and suck you, all the while teasing 
your pussy with the very ends of my fingers, which threaten 
again and again to penetrate you, but always pull back at 
the last possible split second, just as your hips move to 
capture them. I hear you moan through tightly-closed lips, 
and feel your fingers first run themselves through my hair, 
then clutch my head, pulling my mouth more firmly against 
your pussy.

Finally, I give you what youre clearly hungry for, sliding 
my long finger into the lush softness of your pussy. You 
gasp, and, encouraged, I continue to tongue you as I slide 
my finger out, then in again, finger-fucking you first 
gently, then, at your urging, more firmly, and, as I feel 
you opening up, adding another finger to give you even more 
pleasure. With each stroke, I feel almost reluctant to 
withdraw from the delicious warmth inside you. I curve 
my fingers toward the front of your body, pressing firmly 
on the upstroke, and your wetness increases, drips onto 
my cheek, and the smell of you enfolds, envelops, overwhelms 

Now your hands shift from the back of my head to the front, 
insistently pushing me away. At first I dont want to leave, 
holding myself to you by the one hand clutching your ass, 
but at last I acquiesce, standing to meet you face to face. 
You kiss me only briefly, then wind both your arms around 
one of mine and drag me, half-stumbling, down the hall toward 
your bedroom.

We can hardly get our remaining clothes out of the way fast 
enough. You soon put me back to work on your delicious pussy, 
while you stretch out on the bed, looking every bit the empress, 
stretching your arms out and up, embracing the big pillows 
under your head. I consume you as enthusiastically as before, 
only this time I sneak a hand down into my own lap. You are 
quick to notice this, and speak up, sharply admonishing 
me not to touch it, and to leave such things to you ..

Now we are lying on our sides, and your soft thighs embrace 
my head as the smell and taste of you again flood my senses; 
only this time I can feel you first teasing, then caressing 
my cock as your moans of pleasure rise to fill the room. My 
soft cries join yours as your touches become strokes become 
kisses become the licks of your satin tongue. I want your 
mouth, all of it, the full warmth and softness of it, but 
you know better than to let me have that so soon. Instead, 
you stroke me gently, using only the very tips of your fingers 
these light, feathery touches bring me again and again 
to the very brink of ecstasy.

I focus on the task before me, using both hands to enhance 
the exertions of my lips and tongue, with one hand making 
love to your pussy, and the other teasing your little anal 
pucker I can feel it jump and clench even as your hips move 
and roll against my mouth and insistent, invading fingers. 
Dare I molest your rectum? Even as I both lick and finger-fuck 
your pussy, my other hand explores this new possibility, 
prodding, massaging, working the excess effluence of 
your pussy into the tensed, puckered flesh. Slowly, little 
by little, it begins to relax, until it is quivering, open, 
even welcoming. One, then two knuckles slide in, and you 
groan, squeezing my finger, then gasp, and gasp again 
I cant see your face, but I imagine it contorting, eyes 
squeezed shut You cry out, but its strangled, cut short. 
You stiffen all over, breath caught. The spasm grips you, 
then releases you, and I am drowning in your fluids as you 
exhale in a long ragged breath that loudly proclaims your 
supreme pleasure.

I am content to continue servicing you in my current position, 
but you gently withdraw your loins from me, extricating 
and repositioning yourself out of my line of sight. Disoriented, 
I twist around, righting myself.

I am astonished to find that you have generously positioned 
yourself for me, on your knees, facing away, your exquisite 
ass raised, poised, ready. You have turned your head to 
face me I see your blushing, sweat-covered face, the hair 
of your bangs soaked, matted to your forehead. You smile 
wickedly, breathing the words, Now its your turn.

Feeling like a kid on Christmas morning, I position myself 
behind you, cock in hand. I fit myself against you, teasing 
the lips of your pussy, stroking them with the head of my 
cock. Your head is lowered, and your hips begin to roll, 
wanting to ensnare me, but I draw back slightly, allowing 
you to envelop only the head.

God, you feel so good! My cock is on fire, bursting out of 
its skin, overwhelmed by the sensations of your pussys 
sweet embrace. You push back, trying again to capture me, 
and, though I desperately want to fuck you, I again pull 
back, letting you feel only the head. For long moments, 
we share this delicious dance: You press back, I lean back 
You lean forward, I follow you. I feel the moisture emanating 
from you, hear you whimpering for me to fuck you, and the 
warmth inside you welcomes me. Finally, when I cant bear 
it any longer, I sink into you for all my length, and we both 
cry out in ecstasy.

Now I start to fuck you, to really fuck you, gripping your 
hips in both hands, driving my cock into you again and again. 
You move with me, pushing back with every stroke, your pussy 
clutching me hungrily, your voice deep and womanly, begging 
me to come inside of you. Ah, God, I cant stand it any more! 
I feel my orgasm approaching as if from a long way off, and 
I almost panic, desiring it more than anything, yet not 
wanting to stop fucking you! Suddenly, its upon me like 
a wild animal, and I am ejaculating, crying out, feeling 
the come being jolted from my body in wrenching jets, holding 
onto your body for dear life as my whole liquid being empties 
into your quivering body.

I hold you to me for long moments, not wanting the moment 
to die. Finally, my orgasm subsides and I start to withdraw, 
but, again, you move back against me, keeping me inside 
you. Instead, I lean forward, almost lying down on top of 
you. You catch on, and begin to lean forward too. Eventually, 
you are lying flat, and I lie down next to you, almost withdrawing, 
but not quite. I embrace you from behind, feeling all of 
your softness. You squirm deliciously, and I slide out 
of you. You turn to face me, and we embrace, our arms around 
each other, holding on tightly for what seems like hours. 
Eventually, we reposition ourselves for sleep, drifting 
off together.

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