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Big boobs in the gym

by SexStoriesClub on Feb 20, 2017 Anal Sexstories 13805 Views

This is a true incident that happened a few weeks ago. I am a regular at the local gym. A lady comes there with her hubby. She is awesome, big tits atleast 44 size and a beautiful face. An exhibitionist to the core, has no qualms of doing exercise in front of men.

She is difficult not to stare at. When she sweats one can see the outline of her pussy in her gym pants. She knows I stare and she even encourages it.

That day she came alone to the gym and was exercising. She was wearing a white t shirt and her massive tits were protruding as usual. After an hour it was time for me to go home and I sauntered off to my car. As I was about to get inside I heard a female voice calling out. It was Big Boobs.

She asked sweetly if I could drop her home, her tshirt was dripping in sweat and I could see her nipples. She saw me seeing and I di not care. We drove to her house nearby. When we reached she asked me to come inside for a coffee. I was about to excuse but I decided to accept.

We went inside, she told me her hubby was out of the country for 7 days. She went to the kitchen to get me a coffee. She called me from the kitchen to help her get the coffee off the rack. As I went into her kitchen I could see that she had removed her bra and her breasts were kind of staring at me.

I reached out for the coffee and accidentally slipped. I put out my hand to break my fall and ended up pushing her down. It was kind of funny and she burst out laughing.

We then drank the coffee and all the while I kept staring at her tits. She suddenly lifted the leg of her pants and said her calf muscle ached.

I offered to massage some oil. She gladly accepted. I started massaging her lovely legs and after some time she started moaning.

We were in the drawing room and both were getting hot. She suddenly got up and motioned me to follow upstairs. I followed after a few minutes. As I went up I saw her removing her Tshirt and out popped her milkjugs. They were so delicious that my jaw dropped in surprise. She gave me a sexy smile and came very close to me.

My penis was by then rock hard and I was trying to control myself. I could take it no more. I pulled off her pants and revealed her shaven pussy. We were both sweaty but our sexual urges took over.

She pulled down my shorts and started sucking my dick. I moaned in pleasure (even my wife had not sucked my dick like that) and she went on like that for 7 minutes. I felt an urge to come and asked her to stop. She would not until I came inside her mouth.

She was not done. She got up and beckoned towards the lawn. There I followed her and was soon fucking her. My dick felt nice inside her soft pink pussy. She was a very loud lover - one of the loudest I have experienced. After about 10 minutes I came inside her cunt.

I then started sucking her big tits hungrily. She made me bite her nipples and tits as hard as I could and suck as hard I could.

After spending a few minutes sucking her tits I poured honey over her tummy and pussy and slowly started licking making my way downwards from her tits.

I soon reached her venus mound and started licking her pussy. She was moaning like a crazed slut and asking for more. I poured some more honey near her pussy and started licking. After sometime, my tongue darted inside and I went on licking her cunt for almost 20 minutes. She came in a fountain and I licked every drop of her juice.

We then held each other tight. We were not yet done. We went into the shower and our frenzied fucking continued for an eternity. Atlast we were zapped out and I slept in her arms like a baby for about 30 minutes.

We then got up, had a repeat session and I the left for home. We continued our fucks after exercise everyday that her hubby was not around.

We are great friends now and she has been home a few times when my wife is not around.

Man those tits give me a hard on everytime I see her.

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