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Anal Sexstories

by SexStoriesClub on Jan 1, 2017


I guess I'd had the hots for my boss Ray for a very long time, but I knew he was married, and so I'd never done anything about it. I also had a policy of at least TRYING to keep work and sex separate, although in the past I had a co-worked I was fuck-buddies with, before I met and married my husband Steven. Now Steven and I do have an open relationship, having met over the internet, on a swingers and adult sex site ourselves, but still, most of our encounters with others, we share together. Somehow, I just couldn't see myself explaining that to my boss, or even seeing him in bed with another man, much less my own husband! And so my fantasies about Ray my boss, stayed just that, fantasies! One day I was in the bookkeeping room doing some filing. It is also the room with all our office copy machines, and as I filed people would come and go, using the copiers. At one point, I was on the other side of some file cabinets, and in walked Ray and another male co-worker, and they ... Continue reading →

by Guest on Jan 12, 2017


My wife's nice was staying with us for awhile. Susan is in her mid thirties and has black hair and one smokin body. One morning my wife was working and i had gone to work, but had forgotten something at home. When i was walking down the hall, Susan's door was slightly open and i heard moaning. I looked inside to see her with her knees up and because of the blanket couldn't see, but was sure she was playing with herself. our eyes caught each other immediately and she kicked the covers off her legs, explosing her wet pussy with a vibrator inside of it. she smiled as i walked next to the bed, she pulled the vibrator out of her wet pussy and stuck it into her mouth. sucking and licking the fake penis. She layed it down on the bed and reached over to rub my balls through my pants. She unzipped my pants and pulled them down, then she took and slid my underwear down my legs too. My cock was instantly rock hard and it is about 8 1/2 inches long and almost two inches around. She ... Continue reading →

by SexStoriesClub on Feb 20, 2017


This is a true incident that happened a few weeks ago. I am a regular at the local gym. A lady comes there with her hubby. She is awesome, big tits atleast 44 size and a beautiful face. An exhibitionist to the core, has no qualms of doing exercise in front of men. She is difficult not to stare at. When she sweats one can see the outline of her pussy in her gym pants. She knows I stare and she even encourages it. That day she came alone to the gym and was exercising. She was wearing a white t shirt and her massive tits were protruding as usual. After an hour it was time for me to go home and I sauntered off to my car. As I was about to get inside I heard a female voice calling out. It was Big Boobs. She asked sweetly if I could drop her home, her tshirt was dripping in sweat and I could see her nipples. She saw me seeing and I di not care. We drove to her house nearby. When we reached she asked me to come inside for a coffee. I was about to excuse but I decided to accept. We went ... Continue reading →

by SexStoriesClub on Feb 28, 2017


The very first time we had a few friends over for football. There were three other guys, my husband and one other lady. Now at this time I wasn't going topless at home as I do now. I did not wear a bra tho. Because it was at our house I felt that I should serve our guests and my husband, with whatever food and beverages that they needed. At half time the two guys that were single thought that they would leave and go to a bar to watch the second half of the game. When I asked why they were leaving, they kinda stammered and made a lame excuse that nobody believed. They finally admitted that the waitress at the bar would always wear a sexy low cut top and would show a lot of cleavage as she served them. My husband quickly chimed in that he may want to go too and soon the other ladies husband agreed also. I said, "Look if you all want to leave please do, but if its just cleavage that you like you can see all you want right here." I went upstairs and changed my blouse and put ... Continue reading →

by SexStoriesClub on Mar 6, 2017


My best friend in the world is Jay. We had dated a little bit a few times back in high school, but we found we were much better friends than anything else. When we were juniors in high school, not quite 17, he was a photographer for the school paper. He was good at it too. This year his assignment was to photograph the Homecoming football game, the Homecoming Court and the crowning of the Homecoming Queen during halftime. He never had problems with girls, but even he welcomed the opportunity to get up close and personal with the six of the most beautiful girls in our class. During halftime, Jay went down to the field to start shooting the Homecoming Court and crowning of the Queen, and I stayed up in the stands. I love the cool October air, and up on the top of the bleachers, there was always a good breeze, even with a thousand fans in the stands. After a few minutes one of my friends came over, Stacey, and plunked down on the bench next to me. My boyfriend is SUCH a jerk. No, ... Continue reading →

by Guest on Mar 9, 2017


Marty had met Sindy in a popular bar in town. Sindy was a smoldering sex goddess. Cinnamon-colored hair, perky smooth tits, long legs and a horny pussy that was insatiable. Marty was an attorney. He had been married twice and was looking for adventure when he met his love, his erotic muse. Sex with Sindy was the most erotic sex of his life. The little slut loved anal sex. She was a tight fuck too. Her pretty pert little ass raised up and allowed him entry whenever he got horny. Sindy loved to dress up for Marty. On this occasion, she was slipping into some silky stockings. The sensation of the fabric against her taut, tight skin was exquisite, and made her nipples harden with want. She slipped the stockings over her smoothly shaven dancer's legs one at a time. The panties, she had bought at an exclusive boutique on 5th Ave. They were cream color and high cut and had lace trim on the sides . She felt beautiful. She attached the garter and slipped her foot into a pair of stilettos. ... Continue reading →

by Guest on Mar 15, 2017


I woke up to find Michelle straddling my hard manhood. Her long blond wet hair swaying in the dawns light "what are you.." before I could finish my question she lowered her pussy onto my dick. Her wetness and the feeling of her pussy sucking on my cock drained my mind of any questions. Michelle began to ride me hard and fast, her large 34dd tits began swinging and slapping her stomach. Slap slap slap! It was loud and animal I swear I saw bruises forming from her tits slapping. As if that wasnt bad enough she began to talk loud enough to overcome het tit slap.."Oh fuck it cant get any deeper oh fuck Im gonna cum" with that she tightened up so strong I thought she was going to rip my dick off. See this was the first time I had ever fucked Michelle we had been friends for years. Sure I had seen her naked before and I felt her tits a time or two, but she was off limits. Why might you ask? The brothers pact! See I have a brother and a best friend. We are all so close ... Continue reading →

by SexStoriesClub on Apr 14, 2017


After the first time I let Wayne fuck me in the ass he had a bunch of other times after that where he asked for anal and I always refused telling him to cum in my pussy. He said he wouldnt take any more chances because we got lucky the one time he shot in my pussy and he wasnt ready to start a family yet. He'd only shot in my pussy one time and after we were married would only do it wearing a rubber. I didnt give up my ass to him again until we were married for about two months. We went to the bar on a Saturday night after eating and I thought I had some food stuck in my front teeth. Instead of going to the bathroom to look in the mirror I smiled at Wayne asking if there was a piece of meat in my front teeth. He said no and asked if Id like some meat between my teeth. He kept joking around about sex when he said hed love to bend me over one of the pool tables and fuck me in the ass. Naturally I told him that wasnt going to happen. He started saying how he was tired of always ... Continue reading →

by Guest on May 7, 2017


We stumble through the apartment door, slightly drunk. 
As soon as I get the door closed, I am astonished to find you 
upon me, attacking me with a savage kiss, opening and closing 
your mouth on mine over and over, sucking my lips, assaulting 
them its as if Im being eaten alive. I love it. I hold you 
tight, feeling the shape of you, returning your kiss, tasting 
you, sucking your tongue .. 

As my mouth moves to your neck, licking and nibbling, tasting 
your delicious flesh, I feel your strong hands grasping 
my buttocks, pulling me to you even closer I am thrilled 
by your audacity, and return the favor by letting my hands 
seek out the cool flesh of your back. You do the same, and 
our hands rake, caress, explore I can already feel my cock 
getting hard, and instinctively, I press it, through layers 
of clothes, against the softness of your hips and belly. 

Suddenly, your hands fly to my shoulders and start pressing 
down firmly its plain what you want. I willingly drop 
to my ... Continue reading →

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